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Take My love.

Take my love along with you as down that road you go
It does no good at home with me, it's just for you alone
Thru days and nites of travel, take my love along with you
It's there to keep you safe and warm in everything you do.

Take my love along with you as down that road you go
To places that you've never been and "My Love" just always know
That I'm right there beside you in ways that we can't see
I'm resting there next to your heart; my love to you from me.

Take my love along with you and always remember this
Very few people in all this world, ever find this kind of bliss
That only you and I could share in everything we do
So as you travel that long, long road, take my love along with you


Thunder  Road

There's blue skies where I'm going up there on that Thunder Road,
You can see those big stacks smokin' as they pull that heavy load.
Won't have to worry about weigh stations as I roll across the sky. . .
Won't have to watch for Mr. Smokey, and I'm a gonna let 'er fly!
Got a load to get to heaven -- dispatch didn't give me any time
Got to be there before nightfall, so I'm a gonna let 'er climb . . .
Climb up on those big white sun clouds, up there on that Thunder Road
Got to make some time up with this mighty heavy load . . .

My truck and I pull together, we work as if we are just one,
She's been a good companion and now we're on our final run.
It seems as if we've covered every highway on the ground,
But now we're rollin' steady 'cause we know we're homeward bound.
In the years we've rolled together, this truck and I have seen it all,
We've run with some real good people, and I smile as I recall
The hard times and the fussin' and the good times on the road,
The comraderie as we ran together thru the night and hauled our loads.
Truckers always pull together when they find some common ground,
And when you're lookin' for good people, there's none finer to be found!

But this time I'm rollin' solo, just me and my trusty truck,
We've got to get a goin', so goodbye . . . and lots of luck!
I'm rollin' up to heaven, up there on that Thunder Road,
They said they're waitin' for me and this very special load.
They said to check in with the angel at the guard shack of heaven's gate,
I guess they need another trucker to haul some of that holy freight!
So the next time you see the lightening and you hear that thunder roar,
Don't you worry about the storm clouds . . .
It'll be the diesel hummin' as we welcome home one more!

A Truckers Friend.

A person enters your life
this happens everyday,
A person so special in their own way,
A heart of gold and a smile
to brighten a rainbows ends,
This is my friend until the end.

They are always there
when the chips are down
They never let you fall to the ground
My friend until the end,
carries me within
Their heart

Until they need ME..
Once again.


A truckers Last Letter.

Steamboat Mountain is a man killer,
and truckers who haul the Alaska Highway
treat it with respect.
Particularly in the winter,
the road curves and twists over
the mountain and sheer cliffs drop away
sharply from the icy road.
Countless trucks and truckers
have been lost there and many more
will follow their last tracks.
On one trip up the highway,
I came upon the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
and several wreckers winching the remains
of a semi up the cliff.
I parked my rig and
went over to the quiet group truckers who were
watching the wreckage slowly come into sight.
One of the Mounties walked over to us
and spoke quietly.
"I'm sorry," he said, "the driver
was dead when we found him.
He must have gone over the side two days
ago when we had a bad snowstorm.
There weren't many tracks.
It was just a fluke that we
noticed the sun shining off some chrome."
He shook his head slowly and
reached into his parka pocket.
"Here, maybe you guys should read this.
I guess he lived for a couple of
hours until the cold got to him." I'd never seen tears in a cop's eyes before.
I always figured they'd seen
so much death and despair they were immune to it,
but he wiped tears away as he handed me the letter.
As I read it, I began to weep.
Each driver silently read the words,
then quietly walked back to his rig.
The words were burned into my memory and now,
years later, that letter is still as vivid
as if I were holding it before me.
I want to share that letter with you and your families


A Truckers Prayer.

Dear God above
bless this truck I drive
And help me keep someone alive
Be my mortal sight this day
On streets where little children play

Bless my helper fast asleep
When the night is long and deep
And keep my cargo safe and sound
Through the hours big and round

Make my judgement sound as steel
And be my hands upon the wheel
Bless the traveler going past
And teach him not to go so fast

Give me the strength for every trip
So I may care for what they ship
And make me mindful every mile
That life is just a little while


At times the days seemed so long, I thought I'd never make it through,
Then suddenly, out of a dream, I have met someone like you.
I had locked up all my feelings and I'd thrown away the key,
Until your heart spoke a thousand words I knew were meant to be.
When times turned rough and lonely, and despair fell upon my face,
You comforted me and kept me safe in that loving special place.

You don't realize what you have and what you've done for me,
But the way you managed to steal my heart is what has set me free.
You've given me a feeling that no one else could ever change,
Your love has touched a place in me that I always found so strange.
It's as if you were cut right out of a spell cast upon my heart,
Because the crazy thing about it is, I've loved you from the start.

No one in this wide world could touch the feelings we share;
To the seconds I spend with you, nothing can compare.
You've opened my eyes and heart just enough and let me live,
You've changed my world with magic and the kindness that you give.
My heart was broken, and I thought love was so far away,
But you came into my life and showed me a better day.

Like crystal clear blue waters or a magical sunset,
That moment speaks a thousand words to which no price can be met.
I wish I could just stop time and spend the whole night in your eyes,
For when I'm with you there's a feeling even I cannot describe.
Although my heart holds painful memories that will never be erased,
You touch me with a love so strong it hides that lonely place.

Heartbreak, loss and misery were all I ever knew,
Until someone showed me happiness and that someone was you.
Your gentle words and loving arms lift me up when I am down,
And, baby, with all you've done for me you've turned my world around.
Your love is so consistent, like the waves that break on shore,
And with every day my love for you still grows, just more and more.

When broken dreams still fill my days and nothing's going right,
You reassure me with your smile and give me back my sight.
You sweep a spell across my heart, like a breeze across the sea,
And you fill my world with beautiful dreams & feelings meant to be.
The way you live, the way you love and even so much more,
With every smile that you give, you're all I could ask for.

You are in every breath I take and in every tear I cry,
You're in every star I wish upon up in the lonely sky.
Every day with you is heaven, like an angel from above,
A million magic moments sent- to give you all my love.
You are living proof that prayers and dreams really do come true,
And I thank God for that special day he blessed my heart with you.

I could speak of a thousand promises or even bet my very soul,
the rest of my life, I'll be touched with a feeling no one can control.
Fate, destiny or magic may be the reason that we met,
But all I know is the days with you I never will forget.
Until the day I found you I never knew a love so true,
But from today until eternity I swear I'll be loving you!